Tuesday, 21 May 2013

First Ever Giveaway!!

Hiya guys!! 

So basically I'm holding a giveaway for you guys where two of you will win this gorgeous necklace. I've actually seen them on quite a few bloggers already and thought it would be a good prize as it's quite in right now. After seeing the gorgeous RIRI wearing a similar one everyone seems to want one. The reason as to why i'm holding a giveaway is because you guys have all generously got me to 400 followers via GFC and I really do appreciate it!

To enter all you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The ending date for the giveaway will be a week from now! So have fun entering and thank you again for all your support :)

S xx

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hey Little Porsche, I Wanna Try Ya //

Blazer - River Island
Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - H&M

As you can see i'm loving my white outfits! The blazer, shirt and heels are becoming my everyday basics. I wear them way too much now! Leaving my blazer to need a desperate dry clean. I'm really not good with white i've been spilling coke everywhere and my jewellery is leaving a few marks on my shirt but I guess that's not really my fault. I cannot rave about these heels any more than I already have but they really are AMAZING and people may find it hard to believe but they're so COMFORTABLE like seriously i've been doing my 8 hours shifts in retail in them and i've come out pain free!!
I've paired the whole look with these gorgeous boyfriend jeans from a new online store I discovered via Twitter. I would seriously recommend you guys to check it out http://www.rmwstore.com/! It's really got some great pieces and some are quite out there too which make them perfect for special occasions such as birthdays. It's also perfect for casual wear like these jeans were such a find. I'm one of those people if I don't think a current trend is really me I like to find a nice cheaper alternative. The boyfriend jean look was one I really didn't think would be me so I went for these as they looked amazing and were only £20 which I really thought was amazing!! Obviously after getting them and making a few outfits I can't get them off me. This seems to be happing a lot as it happened with the pinafore jumpsuit and denim pinafore. Still so happy with the cheaper alternatives that i've found!! 
I was also kindly sent the belt along with the jeans. If you guys read my blog you'd know I already have a similar one which I purchased from eBay but guys the one i've kindly received is amazing as its elasticated and has a proper little clip. The ebay version kept coming undone as it wouldn't stay in the holes. I think you'd only understand if you have the belt so my explanation may not be understood by a lot of you!! However the size of this one is so much better as it's more of a statement and means I can accessorise with jewllery a little less! Sadly this little number is sold out however I do hope they do get more in stock!!

Hope you guys liked the way i've styled my boyfriend jeans!

Lots of love S xx

Friday, 17 May 2013

I’ve Been Waiting All Night For You To Tell Me What You Want //

Blazer - River Island
Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Trousers - Topshop

Hi Guys!!

I feel like its been absolutely ages since i've last posted and that's probably because it actually has which I apologise for. I just really haven't had the time to take photos so i've put the clothes i've worn to one side and one by one I shall be taking photos. *fingers crossed* I did actually make a haul video but in the end I decided I didn't like it so hopefully this Sunday I will try again! The giveaway I shall be holding will be up soon I just need to go back to uni which should be Monday as it has been delivered there!

This was my outfit from my last day as being an intern at New Look. I went for quite a smart but still fashionable look. The blazer you've seen before and the blouse is from haul number 1! Wanted to do a white on white on white outfit but I haven't got any white trousers. Seriously need to find a pair!! Any know where I can find some? So instead I went with my last Topshop sale buy as i've already shown you the two tops I bought and it was this gorgeous pair of skinny cigarette trousers with an all over jacquard engraved pattern. They really are absolutely gorgeous and were like £15 which I thought was amazing! Went with the usual Oasis heels for a little pop of colour. Now to my new AMAZING necklace from New Look! I've been eyeing up a similar one from Zara for a while now but couldn't justify the big price tag but this was only £20 and seriously just amazing. I'm stilling wowing over it!! I actually bought it with a gift card I received from my press day goodie bag! New Look were generous enough to actually give everyone who attended a £50 gift card!! Isn't that just amazing!? I bought this necklace and another and a pair of sandals. Will soon be showing you them too. If you follow my instagram @itsshradha you would have already seen the sandals :)

Peaaaaaace out x

Monday, 13 May 2013

And I Can't Pretend That, That Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me //

Heels - River Island
Necklace - Coast

So my posts are getting a bit delayed as I want to keep my posts to at least every two days so this is basically Fridays outfit! Friday was the day which I started my internship at New Look Press and I thought it was the perfect time to wear my floral suit as this is the first time i've worn it since i've bought it. As you can see its absolutely gorgeous, I really do love the hyperfloral print! Oasis really outdid themselves with this piece. I thought I would casual it down and pair it with my eBay Celine tee  which I thought went quite well. Then went with my River Island cut out heels with the silver studs which you guys seemed to really like! Thought i'd add some glitz by adding this gorgeous Coast necklace really has to be one of my favourites!

Keeping it short as i'm still not in the routine of working 6 days a week and I need my sleep bad!!

Title is the amazing new song by Mariah Carey and Miguel - Beautiful. Definitely recommend you guys to have a listen.

Hope you're all well! 

S xx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Boy It's Now Or Never //

Jacket - Oasis
Skirt - Oasis
Rings - Oasis

Okay so how gorgeous is this blouse!?!? When I actually saw it on the site I wasn't expecting the neon yellow to be so bright but it's absolutely gorgeous and definitely much better in person. Evie Knight really do have such great items currently sale and non sale! If only I had all the money in the world eh!? This little number was from the sale and was £12! The jacket and skirt are actually a little suit which I think is so cute. What you can't really see is the detail its like a tweed + mix thread of black with a little silver so has a little glitz to it which I find gorgeous. The fit of this skirt is so flattering on my figure as well! The amount of people that told me that I looked like i'd lost weight was ridiculous. Obviously gonna be wearing this skirt way more now! The boots are my normals which you've seen many times :) The rings are just little Oasis bits from years and years ago which have a nice lil grunge look to it.

I'm having a little Saturdays vibe currently so the title is their song what about us! Go have a listen :)

My days have been getting so busy lately! I've started a little internship at New Look on Friday for the week as they have their press event on Wednesday. Any of you gorgeous bloggers going? Along with this I also have my saturday job as well as family obligations so i've had literally no time. Video haul and everything else should all be on the go from tomorrow hopefully! fingers crossed! As well as this I recently got some exciting news which I should be sharing with you all very soon so keep on the look out!

Peaaaaace out.

S xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Waiting In A Car, Waiting For A Ride In The Dark //

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Oasis

As you all know it was bank holiday so obviously I was hitting the town on Sunday. It was quite a last minute decision so literally just threw this on! Obviously had to wear something that went with these gorgeous heels as I just can't stop wearing them. Surprisingly they're sooooooooo comfy. However I do regret wearing them as the night wasn't amazing nor was the crowd and they got a little dirty. Disadvantage of white shoes eh.. The top is monochrome gorgeous! I actually bought it like 2 years ago in the sale! It's one of those things I just can't let go off I just love it way too much. My gorgeous skirt is a old buy too I'm thinking 2 years too wow. Its a leathered pleated beauty! My night out basic lol literally goes with everything and is so flattering.

News for you guys is that I will be doing a giveaway soon was hoping to wait till 400 followers via GFC but I can't wait so it will be up and running once it comes through the post :)

As well as this my haul video should hopefully be made tomorrow as well as posted so be on the look out!! 

And my title isn't completely random lol I even felt like it was a little weird as title but its the song from the MIC advert not the new the old called Midnight City by M83 and literally I love this song but just never knew the name! And finaaaaaally I do and it's all thanks to Spotify Radio yaay

S xx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Say Baby What's Your Story //

Necklace - Primark

So I finally got onto the whole jumpsuit pinafore trend and now it's all I wear! They're minium effort and very comfy, guess you'll understand if you own one yourself. This one was pretty cheap and I got it for £17.95! Weirdly enough its now goin for £35 so you can check out shelikes instead for some reason I just couldn't find it! Paired it with my cute crop which I bought in the sale. I actually wore it without the necklace as I realised after I didn't LOVE the necklace with it. The necklace seems to be a blogger favourite though as i've seen so many with it! It's a cute silver statement pretty much goes with everything! Went with my basic flatforms which are oh so comfy! How have you guys styled yours!?

Also I recently went into Tescos and saw the magazine section and Elle are giving away the Benefit mascara with their magazine. That convinced me straight away and I must say I LOVE the mascara it makes my eyelashes look amazing. So if you've been wanting to try it but not wanted to buy the whole thing I'd recommend getting the magazine!!

S xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Can I Lay By Your Side, Next To You //

Blazer - Oasis
Top - Topshop
Leggings - H&M

Oh my god i've been a serious cinema addict recently! I went and saw 21 and Over on friday night which was pretty good actually, quite funny! Nothing on Hangover or Project X but it was getting there! Then last night I went and watched Olympus has fallen and surprisingly enjoyed that too. I'm not really an action type but it was good and I didn't really get bored lol. This was my outfit from last night it was a dinner and move kind of night. We went for an indian buffet called Feast India which if you guys are ever in Leicester i'd recommend! And then headed over to the movies. I went with this topshop monochrome floral top which I picked up from the sale for I think £10 or maybe £15. Will all be in my haul which will be on Wednesday hopefully! *fingers crossed* Paired it with my wet look H&M leggings which really are the perfect basic. Then to add some colour I went with my Oasis blazer which is so gorgeous! Really do love the fit. Then on to my favourite item currently the heels! How gorgeous are they right!? They're like the Office Ozone heel lookalikes. Kavita from shewearsfashion actually posted them as a lookalike and I just had to have them and as you can see these pretty little things are on my feet :)

S xx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Walk A Mile In These Louboutins //

Dress - H&M
Necklace - H&M

The weather has been absolutely beautiful recently so i'm so happy I can finally get my legs out all the time! This is my Chanel look alike houndstooth dress from H&M it looks so vintage if you see it in person and it's so gorgeous. It's quite an old piece which I bought last year I think but i'm actually currently selling it on eBay here. Now can we discuss my gorgeous new sunglasses!! Ever since I saw them on a promo I decided I had to have them so when pay day happened I went online to missguided and ordered! Luckily for me free next day delivery was also available. You can imagine the smile on my face!! Pair it with my boots and top shop socks as I felt the rolled up sleeves went nicely with the socks.
How's everyone enjoying this lovely weather?
S xx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I Saw You Walking, Down On Melrose //

Heels - Topshop via Ebay
Necklace - H&M

Quite a Topshop outfit and I didn't even realise up until this very moment. The top is one of my sale buys which shall be featured in my Haul video which should hopefully be up by the end of this week or next. Apologies for the lateness it's just because somethings have been delivered to home and others to my uni home. Easter made quite a mess of things obviously not me :) Love this top though it's nice and huge with a mesh stripe detailing. Perfect to tuck in or leave out. Definitely see me styling this again with pu or some sort of leather. The jeans are the Joni jeans from topshop I remember mentioning them ages ago and saying I had bought a pair but never really got a chance to show them off in a outfit not that I really have here! I really do love them the fit is amazing just wish I had go the petite as i'm not liking how many rolls there are at my ankles. Heels have been previously mentioned and seriously are my favourite sandal for this current hot weather! Necklace do I even need to explain!? Isn't it just gorgeous!?

S xx