Wednesday, 11 September 2013

If I Told You, That This Couldn't Get Better Baby //

Cardigan - Primark
Leggings - H&M
Heels - Jeffery Campbell

Just a quick simple outfit which to show off my new Jeffery Campbells! How beau are they right!? I finally own a pair. I don't think you know how excited I was when they arrived. The thing I love most is that I haven't seen anybody else with a pair like these so it makes them more unique in my eyes lol. Will show you guys a close up in a later post. I actually purchased them via which made them so much more affordable. I think they were around £60-£70 which is an absolute bargain in my eyes.Would definitely reccommend you guys to keep your eye on that site they have a Jeffery Campbell sale every few months. This time I was prepared and checked before they had all gone in my size. 

This is definitely the most covered up i've been in ages, the weather has taken a change and more of my AW is popping out. I finally don't feel like a retard walking around in a furry cardigan as now I actually need it and it's keeping me warm. You guys are probably getting tired of seeing it now but it's just my favourite piece at the moment. Thought i'd pair it with my new wrap blouse from Oasis which I really took a liking to! As all the other places like Topshop and Zara had just plain coloured wrap tops but this one I really like the black panel going along with the wrap. I feel as it dresses it up a lot more! To finish the look I just added my basic pu leggings from H&M which have lasted me surprisingly long! Then the fedora which I've actually been lusting over ages and finally bought one as I thought the Miss Selfridge version suited me a little better. Perfect to hide any bad hair day!

Hope you're all good guys!

S xx

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Warehouse 90 Minute Delivery! //

Hey guys!!

Don't know if you guys know but Warehouse have recently introduced a new delivery option and it's basically called 90 minute delivery. As you can probably gather from the name it's basically a delivery within 90 minutes of ordering which I think is absolutely fantastic. Imagine ever being in anOH MY GOD I have nothing to wear tonight dilemma! That would literally sort me out perfectly. 

To introduce the service to everyone they have made a video which you can check out below! I actually thought the concept was so cool. They had a little competition where people were able to submit outfits for different purposes and from these 9 were chosen for the 9 different purposes. The video is about the day of girl who needed to change her outfit every 90 minutes according to what was happening in her life. I love how they had the whole 90 minute related situations to bring about the 90 minute delivery. 

After watching the video I seriously want so many things from Warehouse now! Seriously loved the outfit for the interview as well as the bus stop outfit. The interview outfit was so chic as well as trendy and made her look so professional. Especially compared to the previous baggy jumper scene. The detailing of the dress from the bust stop outfit just had me so drawn to it. I really just liked the necklace of dress, the white piping around the neckline gives such an edge to the dress. Really don't think piping is the right word to describe the detail but I can't think of anything else! Along with that I was also loving the accessories going along with them. That neon yellow necklace is so lush! Also thought the model for the video was perfect, she was so effortlessly gorgeous!! Oh and how could I forget to mention the outfit for the cocktail bar! That jumpsuit is a need in my life.
They really did choose the perfect outfits for each little purpose. Actually so impressed by the video! It can even use it as inspiration for my next few ootds! Or I could do posts regarding outfits for different situations/events! What do you guys think? Definitely think the video was a great way to promote the service as you can see how it works so easily.

What are your opinions guys? Really is such an amazing service right? Hope you like it as much as I do!! 

S xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

We Don't Have To Worry About Nothing //

Dress - Oasis
Heels - Random Local Shop
Rings - Oasis
Cardi - Primark

So guys how gorgeous is this midi dress!? I especially love the back, the low v is just gorgeous. However as you can see I really do need to find a bra which will allow me to show it off a little better lol. The thing I love about midi dresses is that you can pin them up and make them minis. Leading them to look like two completely different dresses! Therefore increasing the wearability of the piece. Sadly this dress isn't actually available online but is in some stores! Its part of the wonderland collection if any of you like it. Thought i'd go for a pretty simple look to dress it up and put on a pair of wedges and a few rings. Thenn to casual it down add this furry cardi which literally hasn't left my shoulders in forever and a pair of punk looking low heels. What do you guys think of my day to night look?

S xx

Monday, 2 September 2013

You Take The Clothes Off My Back And I Let You //


Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - Topshop
Necklace - Vero Moda
Shoes - Matalan
Jacket - Topshop

Like I mentioned in the last post I am obsessed with this skirt!! Seriously my favourite piece of AW so far!! I cannot stop wearing it. They've even brought in a faux leather version which is ever so cute! This time I went for less of a simplistic look and more of a out there look with the trend of monochrome and neon. The old Topshop neon cropped knit and the Oasis skirt are what makes the outfit! Then to make it a little preppy I added the Miss S shirt underneath. To make more of a statement I added the Vero Moda necklace along with the Topshop Bomber. The necklace was quite a recent purchase and is also another piece I love! The shoes are my fav though as they were such a bargain at £10. The detailing of the belting is just so gorgeous. Matalan have a lot nice pairs of heels atm i recommend you check them out!

What are your thoughts guys?

S xx