Saturday, 30 March 2013

Motel Bunnies!

Playsuit - Motel
Blouse (worn underneath) - Zara
Necklace - Everours
Heels - Zara

No guys I don't just randomly go around dressing up as a bunny! This was my entry for the Motel Bunnies competition where I thought i'd show you guys this Motel playsuit which is so lush and i'm also selling it via Ebay if anyones interested! The blouse underneath is my absolute collar go to blouse, the peter pan collar is just perfect to go over jumpers and what not. The necklace is amazing especially for the price as well for going under collars like this. Last but not least had to showcase to you guys my GORGEOUS zara heels! Bit on the pricey side but I absolutely adore them! Definitely my favourite pair!

What do you guys think of my entry?

S xx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

You Lift My Heart Up When The Rest Of Me Is Down.

Top - Ebay
Necklace - Coast
Sunglasses - Ebay
Trousers - Oasis
Heels - Topshop via Ebay

Most of you are probably tired of seeing this Celine tee everywhere. I think every single blogger actually has this tee lol! I first saw it on shewearsfashion and decided I needed it but as you can see i'm a little late on styling it. Anywho I thought I would show you guys my version. Tried to fit it into the whole monochrome and neon trend! These sunglasses are a bargain from eBay I expected them to arrive so much later than it did so was extremely happy! Tee is also from eBay links are all above! For people buying it from the same buyer I personally would say get the bigger size as its a little short and would be better longer when tucking in and what not. The trousers are also fit into the sports luxe trend and are a new love of mine. I know these are also everywhere but the reason why I LOVE this Oasis pair is because of the gold detailing the zips and the tie up just make it all that much better. My shoes are from topshop but also from eBay. Told you guys i've become an addict and trust me my bank balance is definitely suffering. You should of seen the smile on my face when my sister reminded me I get paid on Thursday because of bank holiday weekend. Anyways back to the shoes!! So on trend being neon yellow and all well not amazingly neon but that right shade for me! For some reason I saw quite a few of these flying around on eBay and for such a good price so if you like you should be able to find a pair :)

What do you guys think of my monochrome and neon look?

Disclosure - Latch
Hope you're all amazing!!

S xx

Monday, 25 March 2013


How gorgeous are these items right!? and trust me they're such bargains too. Obviously the first was a pick of mine as I love skulls a ridiculous amount my friends think i'm an absolute weirdo. For some reason I personally think they just look nice and don't make gothic in any way!! The jeans are super cute too and I used to always see them all over tumblr and wondered where I could get a pair and now I know where!! EFoxCity is a wholesaler site so all their items are absolute bargains. They specialise in online womens clothing stores and mens clothing and rings for women. I've ordered a ring which is this one
Obviously skull related once again!! Will do a review once received :)

S xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Hey guys!!
Just a quick post to let you know i'm selling a few items on Ebay!!
Actually in the middle of a huge clear out a much needed one! Most of the items have only been once as I have issues and don't like repeating dresses or certain looks and are all in amazing condition
Please take a look! For those interested i'm also selling the topshop pearl crop!!
My Ebay name is Shradhagloves!
Hoping this link works i'm amazingly confused

Thanks S xx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I'm On That Good Kush And Alcohol..


Trousers - Topshop (Ebay)
Heels - Primark
Blazer - River Island

For some reason I find placing photos in a post so hard! So I apologise for the picture heaviness + it being all jumbled. You guys have hopefully caught on that I have a Ebay addiction but can you honestly blame me?! How gorgeous are these trousers and the colour just topped it off. Cobalt blue is going to be so big this season so getting these for £15-£18 I felt was an absolute bargain. I also got this crop in the sale too its only £12. Sorry about the link its for the black version as the grey isn't available online! However it's available in the Oasis oxford st store if anyones interested :) Okay now to move on to the next bargain which is the heels! This style is so in and when I saw Primarks version trust me I got so EXCITED. post a plain red version on her Instagram and it made me go into Primark the next day in hope to find them. Sadly they were sold out and they had them in plain black. I have soooo many black heels so I thought them to be a waste and set my eyes on these which are gorge and so on trend. They have so many other cute versions and looking at the Primark SS13 I see more coming in. So expect more of this style up on my blog if my bank balance can handle it. Also making appearance are my Everours earrings which are a bargain at £1 so get them while you can. They're gorgeous as they look vintage as well elegant. To top it off a white blazer which I'd forgotten all about but i'm still so tempted to get this one too tell me if you think I should!? It'll help me justify my purchase
I just think it'll be so wearable for the current trends!!

Drake & Lil Wayne - Love Me

S xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Didn't See It Coming, No Kind Of Warning..


Jumper - Ebay
Jeans - Oasis
Boots - Ebay
Necklace - Topshop

Majority of my outfits are normally uni day outfits so they're normally not that exciting. However I do try to show you guys my new bits and bobs. In this outfit i'm showcasing my new mint green oversized jumper which was a bargain on Ebay. It's the perfect colour for spring, which hopefully brighten up soon. I'm really getting tired of seeing these cloudy windy days outside my window. They really don't encourage me to leave my bed. It's okay in Winter as it's what you expect but we're now nearing the end of March it should be much brighter out there!! Paired the jumper with my Oasis jeans which I love, I really do love me some acid wash. The boots seem to have become my everyday shoes as they comfy and give me that needed height. Haven't worn the necklace in a while but you guys have seen it before. I'm tempted to get the lion head which everyone seems to have these days.

Also I really want to start following some new blogs so feel free to live your links in the comment box or if you guys could recommend me any I would be ever so grateful!

Quick reminder to enter Shradha06 when you're shopping on MotelRocks to receive 20% off and if you could vote for me on the company blogger awards :)

Emelie Sande - Suitcase

S xxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Same Bed, But It Feels Just A Little Bit Bigger Now..

Playsuit - Topshop
Shoes - Ebay
Clutch - Primark

Quite a quick last minute outfit for the other night. It was one of the nights where I really wasn't in the mood to go out and then got forced so had to throw something on. Disadvantage of this is the lack of accessories! Sorry about the plain Jane look. However this playsuit does really do all the talking I regret not taking a picture of the back as its got a gorgeous cutout back. Its velvet and mesh and a lovely violet colour. Paired it with my ebay heels which seem to be taking over on the Boohoo wedges front and my go to Primark clutch. Seriously think this clutch is my best buy i've used it soooooo many times!!

Just a quick reminder for 20% off at motel! Just type in Shradha06 at the check out! Also if you can please nominate me for the Company Blogger Awards as Best Personal Style Blog Newcomer

Thank you again for all your lovely comments and nominations!
Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
S xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

My, My, My, As The World Turns

Top - Oasis
Jeans - Motel
Necklace - Topshop
Boots - Ebay

Apologies on the weird weird photos!! Trust me the ones where I was smiling came out so much more worse lol. Well i've had these motel jeans for absolutely ages and I can now finally fit back into them and wear yaay! And they're so gorgeous and so on trend!! So this time round i've gone for a pretty casual look as it was just a uni day outfit. Went with a basic pastel tee along with my new ebay booties. Love the platform on these boots they really do give me that extra height that I need. A plain long necklace and a big bun on top of my head. Annoyingly for me i've found a cheaper ebay seller for my boots so lucky for you guys!!

Think for next time I might just wear them out for a evening look so I can show you guys how i'd style that.



Big Sean - Higher - Really loving his new album!

S xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Company Blog Awards!!

Hi guys!!

Two posts today what a treat eh!? This one's just a quick one as i've been nominated for Company Style Blogger Awrds 2013!!
Would be extremely over the moon if you guys could nominate me for best personal style newcomer!!
You just gotta go on this link
And then click on nominate your blog and enter my link and blog name in when needed :)
I will forever be thankful :)

S xxxx

ILWF WishList

ILWF WishList

ILWF WishList by shradha06 featuring a white bomber jacket

So I recently came across this competition where you make a wish list of items from In Love With Fashion and you're in for a chance to win a £200 voucher to spend there. I was literally doing this straight away!! As you can see they have such gorgeous items!! They're actually quite reasonably priced too which is always a plus for us bargain hunters out there. That polka dot dress is on the front page and I seriously just fell in love it looks absolutely GORGEOUS on the model on the web page trust me have a look!! And the jumper reminds me of something similar Topshop has but this is a little cheaper so it's so much more desirable. Tye-dye and those cobalt blue heels are just so on trend currently that I couldn't resist adding them on here. The crop says Vogue so obviously sold to me. As you can see i'm not hard at all to convince. And the coral dress perfect style and colour seriously don't see anybody saying it's not perfect!! Plus doesn't everyone want a floral bomber? This print is gorge too!! I've linked the competition so definitely enter all these beauties could be yours too!!

What do you guys think of my options!?
S xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Aren't You Somethin' To Admire, Cause Your Shine Is Somethin' Like A Mirror..

Bag - Mulberry
Shoes - Ebay
T-Shirt - Local Shop
Skirt - Topshop
Blazer - River Island

Quick outfit post from the other day!! Showing off my new flatforms, I now feel like I need that extra bit of heel with my day wear shoes too so i've been investing in a few which make it possible. These are the cutest though and come in so many gorgeous colours. Tempted to get a mustard pair also. I think everyone along with myself is obsessed with skulls so seeing this tee for 6 quid a few months ago I just couldn't resist. A basic midi to put them all together along with my River Island longline blazer was a perfect  combo. I also recently bought some No7 products! The foundation along with with liquid eyeliner which I will be doing a mini review on quite soon. They had a deal at the time which was when you buy two No7 products you get a free little make up bag, mini mascara, lipstick, mini eyeshadow and a mini day cream. I really am taking a liking to the products especially the lipstick! It's called Mulberry and its the one i'm wearing in these photos and I really just can't stop raving on about it!

Hope you're all well :)
Justin Timberlake obsession currently so glad he's back! Lyrics are from his song mirrors

S xx

Friday, 8 March 2013

I Be On My Suit And Tie

Beanie - H&M
T-Shirt - Oasis
Belt - Ebay
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Ebay
Bag - Mulberry
Blazer - River Island

Causal Uni and Nandos outfit. I've become a Nandos addict once again 2 days straight and i've seen my belly grow! Quite sad really why couldn't good food be healthy eh?
Recently saw another blogger TarMarTales purchase and wear a belt similar to this and I decided then and there I had to have it too. The shoes were another ebay impulse buy. As you can see i'm having serious spending issues! This blazer I bought quite a while back and it was such a good buy it goes with everything!!
Sorry for the quick post deadlines and life is definitely getting to me

S xx