Friday, 30 August 2013

Everybody Else Don't Mean A Thing //

Cardi - Primark
Heels - Office

Todays little outfit of the day features my absolute favourite new skirt from Oasis. Its leather and a wrap skirt and is absolutely gorgeous. Fits so well and cuts me at a flattering point! Love love love it! It's literally all i've been wearing since i've purchased. Along with these rings which were an absolute bargain at £3.99 or £4.99. H&M have became even more purse friendly with their jewellery section. I went in today and saw so many gorgeous statement necklaces. Paired the look with a go to cami from Topshop and these simple sandal heels from Office. To go on top my new Primani piece which seems to be going around the blogosphere. However everyone else seems to have the H&M version but this little baby was only £12. I can see myself wearing it all Winter! It was a little to hot for the surpisingly good weather we're having in England currently.

S xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just Hold On We're Going Home //

Leather Jacket - Warehouse
Rings - Oasis & Primark
Cuff - Vintage
Sunglasses - Asos

Okay it has been absolutely ages since i've last posted so I do sincerely apologise for that! However I had my uni exams and they obviously took priority and took over my life! Hopefully they've gone well and I shall be going back to uni in the next 4 weeks!!

Now to my outfit! I was kindly sent this playsuit by Warehouse and as you can see it's gorgeous! I was asked to choose anything I wanted and this piece caught my eye! I thought it was something which could be worn in the day as well as the evening. The yellow accents really drew me to it! The style is gorgeous too and fits me really well! The thing which I love about stores such as Warehouse and Oasis is that their quality really is amazing. With other brands sometimes the material isn't too thick and you can see my rolls of flab lol so I really don't mind paying a little bit more for better quality and fit! I decided to pair them with my metallic heels which are ever so comfy surprisingly! I bought a similar pair from Primark recently and was literally dying after a half hour. I went with silver jewellry to bring in the shoes. A oversized jacket was what I thought really brought the look together! I really do like wearing jackets on my shoulder now instead of putting my arms in. I have no idea why! Thank the lord the sun is back meaning I can finally bring my sunnies out again and these Asos ones are my fav! Love wearing them even though I do get a few weird looks!! 

I seem to be loving all my recent purchases! I seriously have no complaints minus the balance of my bank account!

Hope you're all well!

S xx