Wednesday, 17 July 2013

While You Still Got Your Dress On //

Heels - Zara
Clutch - Primark
Earrings - Topshop

Just a quick outfit to show you guys one of my Zara sale buys. This jumpsuit is gorgeous and was only £19.99 and when I checked again its actually gone down to £14.99 which was annoying for me as you can imagine. Ahh and now finding the link for it I find it's only £12.99! grab it while you can it's definitely worth it and can be worn as day wear too! Personally thought it was more day wear than evening but the dress code was black and I couldn't think of anything else to wear! Minus the extreme sheerness of the material which led me to wearing a little bodysuit underneath and sweating away in this heat I loved it. The shoulder embroidery detailing along with the v wrap over neckline just made it so elegant! Went with my red Zara heels to bring out the embroidery a little more and simple gold earrings. 

What do you guys think? Apologies for the lack of photos!

S xx

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Blinded By The Lights, This Movie Ain’t Over //

Top - Primark
Jacket - Topshop
Heels - H&M

This weather is just getting better and better, so obviously the legs are out! Therefore it was definitely the perfect weather for the zara dupe to come out! Every blogger seems to have this skort some the real, some the dupe but surprisingly the dupe is actually of great quality. I was expecting a real thin material or even cheap material but it really isn't that bad especially for it being £3-£4. So I went with a basic crop from primark which is basically the same thing as the ones topshop are selling but for double the price. The jacket is a new buy it was one of my Topshop sale buys which was £35 from £70 so I thought it was pretty reasonable as it was half the price. I've got to say it's one my favourite sale buys its gorgeous however its too thick so you can imagine how hot I am wearing this about. The heels I'm surprised I haven't shown off already they are a pair of my favourites!! Perfect for the monochrome trend the while sole and platform is just gorgeous and only £25!! 

Hope you guys like my styling of this skirt!!

S xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

If You Can't Hear What I'm Trying To Say //

Maxi Dress/Cardi - Chicnova

Hey guyss! Told you you'd be seeing more of me! And this little number is gorgeous right!? I absolutely adore it and i'm so surprised i'm featuring it so late. I actually saw this quite a while on Lucy from and literally fell in love! Its detailing and pattern is amazing. I love the fact that you can wear it as a maxi as well as a maxi cardi as it buttons up till the split at the front. I will be doing another outfit post soon to show it off as a cardi. I actually won a giveaway from other blog which was the lovely Charlottes from which was a basically a $30 gift voucher code for and as I had been eyeing up this little beau for a while I decided it was time to make the purchase. So I ended up paying around $7 I think it was which I thought was amazingly reasonable so you can imagine how happy I am with this purchase. I also recommend to you guys its got a lot of great pieces for such reasonable prices! Paired the whole outfit with these lovely sandals from New Look which are becoming the go to day shoe for this perfect weather! 

Hope you guys liked the look!!

S xx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Looking For A Better Way To Get Up Out Of Bed //

Trousers - Topshop via eBay

Hey guys so this was a quick outfit from what I wore to my mum's birthday. We were basically just out the whole day and went for a lovely dinner in the evening. The top is from Oasis and is absolutely gorgeous! The print actually comes in a little set, which is basically the top and a pair of shorts. If you guys follow me on Instagram I've got a photo of me in it! You can follow me on @itsshradha.  I absolutely love the print which is why I also got the dress along with the set. Obviously can't be wearing them one right after the other! Some people may think I haven't even changed lol It's all actually on sale now too so get it while you can! The trousers you guys would of seen before from a previous post and are seriously a love of mine. So glad I bought these of eBay, the colour is gorgeous as well as the fit! So flattering as well as comfortable. The shoes are a new buy and obviously from eBay as I now seem to get all my shoes from there. They're lace ups as well as cutouts what more could you really ask for from a pair of shoes?! And only £25 which I thought was really reasonable! MY favourite piece is the sunglasses! I've been looking for a pair of round white sunglasses for ages and finally Asos was the answer! Do love me some Asos and I love that their delivery is free!

What are your opinions!? Would love to know!!

S xx

Friday, 5 July 2013

She's Up All Night Till The Sun

 Top and Skirt c/o Missi Clothing
Kimono - Miss Selfridge

I was kindly sent this 2-piece by the lovely people at Missi Clothing who are British wholesalers that supply to independent boutiques around the UK and across the world. I was asked to review an item from their website. I obviously picked this gorgeous 2 piece and was amazed at the quality. For some reason I expected it to be the normal thin jersey material you get when you order like a midi skirt or midi dress however this was so thick and really sucks you in! Loved the fit of it also really hit me in the right places being so short that's hard to find! You can check out their savvy pieces here and if you want to keep in touch and receive the latest info just follow them on twitter @missiclothinguk or on their instagram with the name missiclothinguk. 
Seriously couldn''t recommend them enough! Extremely happy with my piece.
Thought i'd pair it up with these New Look gladiator sandals which have a little heel thank god! Need that extra height being at 5ft2 well probably 5ft1 but I like to think 5ft2 lol! Sadly I cannot find the kimono I paired the look with but its so gorgeous and perfect for fesitival wear. 

As you guys might have noticed when looking out the window lol England is actually having a heatwave so this outfit seemed perfect in my eyes even though I just went for a stroll to the park. Trying to make the most of this weather while I can.

Trying to get more blog posts about so it won't be long till you hear from me!

S xx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

In The Beginning //

Necklace - New Look

Hi Guys!!

Feels like I haven't done an outfit post in absolutely years! But this is my newest loved items! This suit is absolutely gorgeous right!? SO AMAZING!! When I first laid eyes on it I knew it had to be mine lol The paisley print is gorgeous and I love how the blazer has a black lapel and also has it around the arm cuffs and on the shoulders! It made me think balmain as soon as I saw it! If anyone follows fashion filth via instagram like me you'll know she has something similar but hers is actually Balmain and is from TK-Maxx. It's also a silk kind of material so sits really well and is such a great 2-piece as I can already imagine myself wearing them separately!
At first I thought I'd go for the whole monochrome look so went with my new Topshop crop polo which was one of my sale buys! Can I just add, how amazing was the Topshop sale!? So glad I got everything I wanted!! Ahh a haul is needed soon!! Then went with metallic accessories so my new ebay shoes which were a bargain at £13.99 without P&P and this lush necklace which I remember being £7.99. I've got to say New Looks Jewellery is amazing!! 
However I did think it would look amazing with colour as well so went with this neon orange vest top from Oasis and just my go to white heels from eBay which are only £16.99 now!!!

Which do you guys prefer? And how would you style the suit? 

Hope you liked my look!

S xx