Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation - Selfridges

Hiya guys! So as you know I was away for 2 weeks and from that I have come back pretty tanned so therefore thought it was the perfect opprotunity for me to try out a new foundation! The foundations which I normally use are Mac Pro Longwear Liquid Foundation and/or Nars Sheer Glow. It all started with a little trip to selfridges and me ending up at the Bobbi Brown counter. I told the lady who served me that I have quite normal skin which gets a little dry with weather changes like especially in the winter and that I like a more dewy finish rather than a matte. 
She ended up first matching me up with their stick foundation which led me to the colour warm honey. This is such a nice gorgeous colour compared to my face. What annoys me Is that my forehead and the area around my lips is a little darker than the rest of my face so they normally tell me to get two foundations but I really don't have the money to be buying two when they cost more than £30 each. So I always go for the darker shade to save me some money! She then asked what kind of coverage I like, I obviously answered with full which she said I didn't need so offered to do half my face with the stick foundation which is full coverage and then half with the luminous moisturizing foundation. Surprisingly I preferred the medium coverage one more and therefore ended up purchasing it.

After a week and a bit of wearing it I really have grown to love it! I definitely prefer it over Nars Sheer Glow!! However I prefer my Mac for full coverage so for days/nights where I'm going to special events. I would definitely recommend this foundation my only flaw was that I have noticed a few more spots on my forehead and near my nose however I don't know if I can blame this completely on the foundation as I have been pretty lazy when it has come to removing my foundation.

To sum it up the foundation is really really good and is buildable! They have a lot of shades so it's easy to find one that matches your skin tone. It's also really light and makes me feel like i'm not wearing much at all on my face. It definitely leaves my face very dewy and glowy.

That's all for now! Hope you're all well :)

S xx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Money Supermarket!

So quite a few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Money Supermarket to take part in a little thing they had going on which was called inspect-a-gadget. It was basically a way to see if cheaper holiday alternatives were as good as the mainstream current holiday gadgets. I chose to try out the andoid which is a similar version of the mainstream iPad and was asked to review and see what I thought. Luckily for me I was actually going on holiday so it gave me a chance to give a proper review! 

I actually ended up falling in love with my tablet as it allowed me to do everything I wanted! Luckily for me I had wi-fi access at all the hotels I stayed with therefore was able to go on the net via the tablet as well as skype etc. It was a lovely way to stay in touch with all my friends as well keep up with blogs. Alongside this before I went away I made sure I downloaded loads of games so while on the aeroplane I was able to keep myself entertained. With my sister actually having an iPad it allowed me to make a proper comparison! When taking everything into account I have to say I now think that the iPad is a waste of money and is only worth the money if you care about having a good by Apple. They are pretty much the same minus the fact that the tablet only had a camera which faces me while the iPad has one facing both ways. Along with this the iPad is easier to get used to while the tablet takes a little while. However seeing the difference in price i'd be happy to take a little more time learning about the tablet!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my little review! Also thanks again to Money Supermarket for getting in touch!

Another quick message wow I can see how long this post is lol but I apologise in my recent absence as I was away for 2 weeks and before I went away it was my last week of uni and when I came back I went to enjoy the last week of having my accommodation in Leicester so really and truly I was amazingly busy!! But I have so many outfits and hauls to share with you guys so be sure to be on the look out!!

Hope you're all well! 
S xx