Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hello, Hi, Goodbye..

Blouse - H&M
Shorts - Oasis
Jacket - Zara
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - BooHoo
Hat - Asos

This is todays outfit for you guys! As i've recently been posting quite a few monochrome polyvores thought i'd do a monochrome outfit myself! Sadly I haven't invested in any neon items yet well minus a jumper but i've left that at home home and not with me at uni. Otherwise it would of looked lovely with this outfit and I would of even left the collars on the shirt out. Really and truly this is a really baggy size 6 (I know surprising!) blouse it's like a dress more as it covers my butt and everything! And i'm absolutely in love with it. It goes with everything and the stripes are so in right now. I liked it without the collars with this outfit so i've just tucked them in and as you can see it leaves this lil v neck. For some reason this is the first time i've done this and it's surprising as it adds such elegance!
What are your opinions on my monochrome?
Also if you haven't noticed i've had a hair cut!!!
Title: Hello Hi Goodbye - Rita Ora, Really haven't stopped listening to this its even got its own playlist
S xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Oh, I Just Wanna Take You Anywhere That You Like..

Beanie - Dorothy Perkings
Fur Stole - Missguided
Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Primark
Shoes - Converse
Necklace - Topshop

This is just a quick outfit post from last night. Me and a friend decided to go for a quick milkshake a tinsel town which turned out lasting for a good 3 hours. Obviously we had a lot to talk about! This dress is quite old from topshop but you can still get it from boohoo for cheaper if anyones interested. I'm quite sad after buying this I wanted the midi version and literally couldn't find it anyway and currently I see the teal version on sale in toppers and my bank account is something that can decrease any further. Hoping its still there next week thurs, a girl can hope..
Paired it with the denim as i've thought denim and grey look quite good together, simple accessory the cross necklace. Which seems to have become my go to necklace along with this beanie! Think I need to get more beanies I wear this one waaaaay too much!! Top it off just some fur to keep me warm and my converses.
Also you'd think converses would be good in the snow right? But no worst shoes every I was slipping well sliding everywhere!!
Also look at what I had for breakfast

Sorry for my excitement it was just my first time having belgian waffles!
Also Title: One Direction - Kiss You, don't judge me for liking them!
Hope you're all well
S xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What's In My Make Up Bag!?

Make up bag - TK Maxx

This is my foundation selection + primer.
Currently I use the mac prep + prime cream which I don't really recommend, don't actually remember how much it was but looking at it I thought I'd get a lot of uses but I feel my previous primer I got much more use of. Only thing I really liked about this primer was that it made my skin feel so so silky and soft. My previous primer which was bobby brown would be recommended over this!
Secondly my foundation, my current favourite is mac pro-longwear! I currently wear NC40 however before this I used 42 and because I prefer using something which is a bit darker I'd say I'd go back to 42. However I do like the finish it's dewy and gives me the coverage needed. I currently just use the Clinique even better foundation to add some more colour to my mac. I did try it out and ended up preferring my Mac over it!
I use Mac Lustre Drops to add some shine to my face its meant to add a bronzing touch. Do recommend it as it does make a difference!
I don't really no longer use my Mac brush as I prefer applying with my fingers but from all the brushes I've tried this has been my favourite for foundation application.
I use Mac mineralised powder to set my make up however not anymore as I feels it greys me out, no idea why as I used to love it maybe i've grown out of it?

Now my concealers!
I personally think I have pretty bad bags under my eyes so from all the concealers I've used so far I'd say mac pro-longwear is absolutely amazing. It does crease a lot but i've found that happens with every concealer i've used so far. I use a lighter shade to my foundation as I feel having a lighter concealer really makes a difference when contouring and during application. I used to use the tubs but this has won my heart. I now use the darker tub if any blemishes can be seen on my skin! Before applying my concealer I've recently started using the Bobby brown powder applying it with this mac brush. I used to use the concealer and they come with this powder which I never used buy now using it with my Mac concealer I can see the difference it takes away the creases above my eyes and helps me apply!!

Now for my cheeks!
I use the Chanel bronzer to contour which I must say has been the best bronzer I've used so far and I use the Mac brush with the slant and white bristles to apply. Along with this I used The mac blusher called Sincere to add some colour to my cheeks! Applied with the Mac blusher brush!

For my eyes I'm pretty plain I guess! I don't really experiment with eyeshadows the only thing I do is put the eye shadow by Mac one to watch which blends in with my foundation and adds some shine! Eyeliner I like to exaggerate and do cat eyes or long wings. To do this I use Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner. For the inside of my eye I use the kohl pencil eyeliner by Rimmel also!

Now for my eyebrows, I must say this is my favourite product it does wonders for my eyebrows the little brush given with it is amazing sadly mine broke so now I use this mac brush! I use the darker kit so it gives a dark brown and black which suits me fine. I only use the kohl pencil eyeliner from above for the start of my eyebrow just to shape.

Last but not least lips! Now these 3 are my favourite lipsticks and most used. If you've noticed I absolutely love wearing red lipstick now a days. My most used is properly Mac Russian Red And Mac Red which I can use this Mac lip liner for! For day wear I just wear see-sheer as it's not so bold and out there.

Sorry for the extremely heavy post, I really didn't think it'd be this long and heavy pictured. I've seen quite a lot of bloggers do a post like this so thought I'd join in. As you can see I seem to LOVE Mac! However I am trying to try out different products but need recommendations so please leave me some!!

S xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

I Am Strong When I'm Quiet..

Top - Topshop
Trousers - Twins Diverse
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Jacket - Miss Selfridge

This was my outfit from last night where I just went to go watch Jack Reacher and went for some Wagamamas! The movies wasn't too bad less action than I had expected and more interesting. Don't really know if its a MUST SEE but ye..Yesterday was probably the first time i've properly enjoyed Wagamamas, my friend recommended me a new dish to try and seriously it was yummy! Think it was called firecracker.
I've had these trousers for a lil while they're from a shop in brick lane which I do recommend its quite diverse and vintage! And the peplum detailing on them is gorgeous! Went quite simple with the casual crop and a simple cross necklace. Normally Primark shoes don't last me very long but these seriously have and they're so cute! Quite old now though. Now my jacket is gorgeous, I've always wanted a quilted jacket well a leather one but just my luck when I bought this one there were NONE around and now they're everywhere. I just can't justify buying the same jacket in leather. If anyones looking Zara and Oasis both have a gorgeous versions
How is everyone doing in this snow? I just don't feel like leaving my room!!
Title: Delilah - Breathe, She really has become one of my favourite artists.


S xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Trust Me Girl..You Wanna Be High For This

Top - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - Oasis
Belt - YSL
Heels - BooHoo
Clutch - Primark

Quick outfit from the other night. I've had these jeans since summer and I've wanted to wear them out out before making them day wear so finally did! Who doesn't love a pair of acid wash skinnies? Paired it with this mesh Miss Selfridge leotard which I love as it can make the most simplest trousers or shorts or skirt a night or dinner outfit. Went with my favourite heels of the moment! And my brothers YSL belt to grunge/punk it up a bit. No my brothers waist isn't as small as mine well it isn't any more! Thank the lord he has bulked up a little bit lol. And I promise I have other clutches this is just the one which can go with everything!!

Sorry for the quick post, I'm so tired!!
Title: High for this - The Weeknd
Would recommend the Ellie Goulding cover too!!
S xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

She Wanna Be The One, F*ck Her To My Own Single.

Dress - River Island
Dress (worn underneath) - Miss Selfridge
Heels - BooHoo
Clutch - Primark

As you guys might have noticed i've become absolutely addicted to my new heels. They are all I wear!! So comfortable and they make my legs look so much longer and skinnier. A shorty like me needs it. This was from a night out just last night, which ended with me not remembering much. Yes, I got very very drunk but from the thousands of photos and the bits I do remember it seemed like a very good night. I went for this snakeskin dress which I didn't think was a dress until looking on the site and seeing it being stated as one. So as I did find it a tad bit too short I went with wearing a plain black tube dress underneath just in case. Literally the cab was already outside when I had finished deciding what to wear that I didn't even get time to accessorise which is pretty sad :( I would have gone with a plain gold think chain neck lace and my watch, maybe even my studded bracelets instead of the watch. One on each side to make them look like cuffs. Obviously went with my studded Primark bag, which is honestly one of my best buys!
How else do you guys think I could wear this 'dress'?
Title: Tyga - Faded..Been in my head since last night
S xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Recently I was introduced to a website which is They aren't actually based in the UK but they are a wholesaler so they're prices are ridiculously cheap!! They have a lot of items so they is a great amount of choice. The main thing I LOVE about them is their jewellery selection for example the skull bracelet i've posted above is only £4.65 now i've seen it for topshop for I think more than double and they've got so many other similar items too! With the extra 15% i'm getting on my first order you can imagine how excited and how big my shopping cart shall be!! Even the  Wholesale dress above with the pu quilted sleeves how GORGEOUS!? and only £11.87, I'm still surprised by the cheapness. I also posted the Wholesale mens shirt as valentines day is not too far away so you can always spoil him with some new bits and bots!
Will do a review on the company once i've received my items :)
They also specialise in T-shirt dresses, Definitely have a look!

Any websites you guys could recommend to me?

S xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

When We First Came Here We Were Cold And We Were Clear

Dress - Oasis
Heels - Boohoo
Clutch - Primark

This was just a outfit from a night out the other day. I've had this dress in my cupboard for ages now and i've only worn it one other time which was on holiday so I had to get at least one more wear out of it! I love the tribal print on it however the length is quite awkward it comes up to around my knees so i've pinned it up to make it a more night out dress. Day wear would be sandals and a knee length
Thought I'd post a close up of the heels and hopefully now you guys will understand why i'm so in LOVE with them!!
I haven't veen shopping in so long it's actually quite depressing! Anyone found any good buys?
Title: Florence and the machine - Spectrum
Quite an oldie but always a goodie
S xx