Friday, 14 December 2012

I'm Just Saying You Can Do Better.

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Jacket - Zara
Heels - Vintage
Clutch - Primark
Anklet - Portugal Stall

I recently attended my managers wedding reception, it was my first time going to a non-indian wedding. So I absolutely had no idea on what to wear!? I literally asked everyone and also the other invitees which I knew and they all basically said a pretty dress. I've had this Miss S number for a while and haven't had the chance to showcase it. This seemed to be the perfect occasion its and elegant yet cute dress. I love the sleeve detailing as it puffy and then cuffs and the little bows on the waist! When I saw it on the hanger I thought nope it really isn't going to suit me but trust me it's extremely flattering! Went with my basic heels and clutch as red and black always look cute together and i love getting gold studs into anything and everything. The leather jacket made it look a little more chic!

Sorry for the lack of posts i've finally finished my first term of my second year of uni and am now home for 3 weeks. So what does that mean? PLENTY MORE POSTS!!

Hope you're all well :)

S xxx


  1. Gorgeous dress-love the colour :)


  2. You look gorgeous in red! Also love the Drake lyrics :)

    1. Thank you! My all time fav song of his xx

  3. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  4. Lovely dress, looks great with the studded biker jacket! xx

  5. cute dress!

    X Jenny

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  7. Gorgeous dress, colour looks amazing on you xx

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  9. your so pretty! I love your dress too, the colours gorgeous x

  10. You look gorgeous, and red is really your colour! I've said it before and I'll say it again, your hair is fantastic!

  11. amazin red dress!!!!!n u have so beautiful face:))) wich u to have amazin weekend))) xxx)))

  12. The colour of this dress is gorgeous on you!x

  13. Such a Lovely Dress, I Love the Colour!
    You Look Great babe!

  14. You are so gosh darn beautiful! Love your style.