Sunday, 23 June 2013

Money Supermarket!

So quite a few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Money Supermarket to take part in a little thing they had going on which was called inspect-a-gadget. It was basically a way to see if cheaper holiday alternatives were as good as the mainstream current holiday gadgets. I chose to try out the andoid which is a similar version of the mainstream iPad and was asked to review and see what I thought. Luckily for me I was actually going on holiday so it gave me a chance to give a proper review! 

I actually ended up falling in love with my tablet as it allowed me to do everything I wanted! Luckily for me I had wi-fi access at all the hotels I stayed with therefore was able to go on the net via the tablet as well as skype etc. It was a lovely way to stay in touch with all my friends as well keep up with blogs. Alongside this before I went away I made sure I downloaded loads of games so while on the aeroplane I was able to keep myself entertained. With my sister actually having an iPad it allowed me to make a proper comparison! When taking everything into account I have to say I now think that the iPad is a waste of money and is only worth the money if you care about having a good by Apple. They are pretty much the same minus the fact that the tablet only had a camera which faces me while the iPad has one facing both ways. Along with this the iPad is easier to get used to while the tablet takes a little while. However seeing the difference in price i'd be happy to take a little more time learning about the tablet!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my little review! Also thanks again to Money Supermarket for getting in touch!

Another quick message wow I can see how long this post is lol but I apologise in my recent absence as I was away for 2 weeks and before I went away it was my last week of uni and when I came back I went to enjoy the last week of having my accommodation in Leicester so really and truly I was amazingly busy!! But I have so many outfits and hauls to share with you guys so be sure to be on the look out!!

Hope you're all well! 
S xx


  1. It looks like iPad haha!

    Following your blog now, love it.

  2. nice :)

  3. its like an iPad!!
    love your style too especially the latest outfit.

    check out my blog too if you like.xoxo <3

  4. Great review lovely, thanks for sharing! I'd love an iPad but they're super expensive so this sounds like a fabulous alternative!

    Elizabeth x

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

  5. We all have busy worries..looking forward to the posts!

  6. i have the same tablet! haha & dont worry we understand everyone gets busy!

    xx promise