Saturday, 7 September 2013

Warehouse 90 Minute Delivery! //

Hey guys!!

Don't know if you guys know but Warehouse have recently introduced a new delivery option and it's basically called 90 minute delivery. As you can probably gather from the name it's basically a delivery within 90 minutes of ordering which I think is absolutely fantastic. Imagine ever being in anOH MY GOD I have nothing to wear tonight dilemma! That would literally sort me out perfectly. 

To introduce the service to everyone they have made a video which you can check out below! I actually thought the concept was so cool. They had a little competition where people were able to submit outfits for different purposes and from these 9 were chosen for the 9 different purposes. The video is about the day of girl who needed to change her outfit every 90 minutes according to what was happening in her life. I love how they had the whole 90 minute related situations to bring about the 90 minute delivery. 

After watching the video I seriously want so many things from Warehouse now! Seriously loved the outfit for the interview as well as the bus stop outfit. The interview outfit was so chic as well as trendy and made her look so professional. Especially compared to the previous baggy jumper scene. The detailing of the dress from the bust stop outfit just had me so drawn to it. I really just liked the necklace of dress, the white piping around the neckline gives such an edge to the dress. Really don't think piping is the right word to describe the detail but I can't think of anything else! Along with that I was also loving the accessories going along with them. That neon yellow necklace is so lush! Also thought the model for the video was perfect, she was so effortlessly gorgeous!! Oh and how could I forget to mention the outfit for the cocktail bar! That jumpsuit is a need in my life.
They really did choose the perfect outfits for each little purpose. Actually so impressed by the video! It can even use it as inspiration for my next few ootds! Or I could do posts regarding outfits for different situations/events! What do you guys think? Definitely think the video was a great way to promote the service as you can see how it works so easily.

What are your opinions guys? Really is such an amazing service right? Hope you like it as much as I do!! 

S xx


  1. I'm in love with all of the outfits , especially the date, cocktails and the interview!! Such a good idea!


  2. This is an ingenious concept! The worst part about online shopping is the wait. Ive been in situations where Ive had to wait two weeks for my products to arrive, and Ive usually already forgotten about them, lol. I wish that this delivery service was available in the US!


  3. such a useful concept! Can't wait to try it

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  4. How amazing is this - in fact I still can't believe that a 90 minute delivery is possible! I hope all online stores jump on board with this.

    Elizabeth x

  5. I can't believe such a thing exists. I'm still getting over online shopping as a whole but 90 minutes?! I do love Warehouse, could spend so much there in one visit.

  6. Such a cool concept warehouse have done a great campaign I know I want to shop there now lovely items you're right xx

  7. soo amazing style ! love it !!

  8. this concept is amazing, especially for someone as impatient as me! hope more stores start doing this as well xo

  9. That's amazing, I've never even heard of that good find!

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  10. thank you for telling us!