Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Monsoon AW13 Campaign

Hey guys!

I know it has been way too long since i've posted but what can I say being back at uni has literally taken up all of my time! I'm hoping to find the balance and be able to post more :) So I will be back with more OOTDs and hopefully videos! If there's any thing else you guys would like from me then just comment and let me know!!

This post is actually all about the Monsoon AW13 campaign! Have any of you guys seen it!? I thought it was super cute and quite informative on personal style. Before this I always thought of Monsoon as more of a evening wear kind of place, as in more dressy clothes. However seeing how the girls style it all up for work and seeing some of the cute knitwear pieces I definitely will be paying my nearest store a visit. I am more of a black on black person but recently I have found myself dipping into a little more colour and who doesn't like a gorgeous print here and there. You can actually see the video just below asI  thought I would share it with you guys!

There's also another little video by the girls at Monsoon that I thought i'd share too as I honestly thought it was the cutest thing. It's basically shows you so many different ways in wearing scarves. I, myself can't wait to try so many of them out! Especially the one where shes put the scarf in her hair! Thought it looked oh so cute! Also thought the video was perfect for AW13 as we'll be wearing scarves so much more now. Can't believe it's already so cold and gloomy!

What are your opinions guys? Find it as cute as I did?

S xx

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  1. cute videos

  2. I've never been a Monsoon girl but this video is cute!

  3. Ooh I love the scarf video! I don't really shop at Monsoon but I LOVE Accessorize!

  4. Great post I have never shopped in monsoon before but I have been in to browse they do lovely things :) x

  5. wow, & I thought I knew all the ways! I loved the idea of replacing it as a belt on a trench coat, definitely livens up the look :)

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  7. Loving Monsoon ! <3

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