Monday, 14 January 2013


So recently I joined the MotelRocks street teams which is basically a team which spreads the word about Motel. On joining I get to give you guys an exclusive discount of 20% on all their items.

Currently i've been working on my wish-list on their store and i've posted some of the items on their! I'm just waiting for payday so i'm able to speeeeeend. I know I know I have spending issues but doesn't every blogger?

I chose the two velvet numbers as if you're a reader of my blog you'd know i'm currently obsessed. Also because I haven't seen any turtle neck velvets or even the black one the cut out is gorge. I think it would give such great cleavage!

They also do Jeffery Campbells so getting 20% off on those babies is amazing!! The coat is on sale and i've always wanted a tweed number the fur is just a plus!! And the necklace is such a gorge statement piece. The leggings fit into the whole monochrome trend right now which they've gone quite big on! This is probably my favourite monochrome item so far as i LOVE harlequin. You learn something new everyday about me :)

Look at me tryna justify my spends - True shopoholic right here :(

Hope you guys love them as much as I do
S xx


  1. Need that coat in my life!

  2. I like the necklace

  3. Oh that coat is just perfect!xx

  4. 20% off JC is very tempting indeed x

  5. I love MotelRocks, I wish I could buy everything *sigh*
    Thanks for the blog comment :)

  6. Motel...Rocks! ;) Love the tweed coat, super cute.

    The Style Rawr!

  7. Wow! Love the shoes!

  8. i love motel and that coat is amazing! so cool :-)

  9. Such a fan of Motel, I want to go and look now but am trying to be on a spending ban so probably not a good idea :)