Wednesday, 9 January 2013

You Were The One That Made Me Feel The Way I Do..

Top - Miss Selfridge
Blazer/Cardi - River Island
Leggings - H&M
Beanie - H&M
Boots - BooHoo

This is my look from going shopping to Stratford City Westfield, thinking it's so close by to me I really don't go there much. I just love Oxford St, best place to shop in my eyes. Minus the millions of people, New years day is a good day to shop nobody is around, Topshop is clean!!

I'm really into the whole beanie look and it always seems to hide my bad hair days. A Little bright red lippy always helps with an outfit makes the look more street and trendy. This blouse is gorgeous the print really drew me to it. Alongside this blazer cardi which goes with everything and is amazingly warm. Couldn't find my fur stole but normally I pair them together as you can't go wrong with fur. My first proper outing with my new boots and I love them!!

Really do apologise about the quality of my photos when the lighting is bad they come out even worse!!

Also I always title my posts with lyrics and thought i'd share the song with you guys now as its the new song of the day-week which I become absolutely obsessed with!!

This week it's Lianne La Havas - Lost and Found

Hope you're all well
S xx


  1. really like your shirt, great look!

  2. Cute outfit! Love the beanie and the colour of your lipstick x

  3. your shirt is great! I am a huge beanie fan too x

  4. that shirt is awesome, thats also my current favourite song
    NRC ♥

  5. I really like this outfit, the shirt is amazing. I wonder why it's called 'chain print' thought, haha?

    Rebecca @

  6. the top is great and i love that hat, amazing outfit!

  7. Fabulous outfit, you look amazing!

    -Lucy xx

  8. I wish I lived near Westfield, the Sratford one is amazing! Cute beanie and red lips :)

    The Style Rawr!

  9. amaziing purposes, always in love with them!
    i hope youll like mine ones and id love we could follow each other
    i wish you the very best for this comming 2013!
    loads of love from MALES CLUTCH


  10. That's a lovely print shirt !


  11. I really like this look, especially love the blouse :)

  12. That shirt, unf! It's so perfect and I love the fact that you're wearing a beanie, I love beanies. xx

  13. Agreed that red lippy always helps an outfit! Love the shirt and the print.
    Ava Tallulah

  14. that top is stunning! and you're gorgeous! :)

  15. Really like the lipstick you are using.

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