Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What's In My Make Up Bag!?

Make up bag - TK Maxx

This is my foundation selection + primer.
Currently I use the mac prep + prime cream which I don't really recommend, don't actually remember how much it was but looking at it I thought I'd get a lot of uses but I feel my previous primer I got much more use of. Only thing I really liked about this primer was that it made my skin feel so so silky and soft. My previous primer which was bobby brown would be recommended over this!
Secondly my foundation, my current favourite is mac pro-longwear! I currently wear NC40 however before this I used 42 and because I prefer using something which is a bit darker I'd say I'd go back to 42. However I do like the finish it's dewy and gives me the coverage needed. I currently just use the Clinique even better foundation to add some more colour to my mac. I did try it out and ended up preferring my Mac over it!
I use Mac Lustre Drops to add some shine to my face its meant to add a bronzing touch. Do recommend it as it does make a difference!
I don't really no longer use my Mac brush as I prefer applying with my fingers but from all the brushes I've tried this has been my favourite for foundation application.
I use Mac mineralised powder to set my make up however not anymore as I feels it greys me out, no idea why as I used to love it maybe i've grown out of it?

Now my concealers!
I personally think I have pretty bad bags under my eyes so from all the concealers I've used so far I'd say mac pro-longwear is absolutely amazing. It does crease a lot but i've found that happens with every concealer i've used so far. I use a lighter shade to my foundation as I feel having a lighter concealer really makes a difference when contouring and during application. I used to use the tubs but this has won my heart. I now use the darker tub if any blemishes can be seen on my skin! Before applying my concealer I've recently started using the Bobby brown powder applying it with this mac brush. I used to use the concealer and they come with this powder which I never used buy now using it with my Mac concealer I can see the difference it takes away the creases above my eyes and helps me apply!!

Now for my cheeks!
I use the Chanel bronzer to contour which I must say has been the best bronzer I've used so far and I use the Mac brush with the slant and white bristles to apply. Along with this I used The mac blusher called Sincere to add some colour to my cheeks! Applied with the Mac blusher brush!

For my eyes I'm pretty plain I guess! I don't really experiment with eyeshadows the only thing I do is put the eye shadow by Mac one to watch which blends in with my foundation and adds some shine! Eyeliner I like to exaggerate and do cat eyes or long wings. To do this I use Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner. For the inside of my eye I use the kohl pencil eyeliner by Rimmel also!

Now for my eyebrows, I must say this is my favourite product it does wonders for my eyebrows the little brush given with it is amazing sadly mine broke so now I use this mac brush! I use the darker kit so it gives a dark brown and black which suits me fine. I only use the kohl pencil eyeliner from above for the start of my eyebrow just to shape.

Last but not least lips! Now these 3 are my favourite lipsticks and most used. If you've noticed I absolutely love wearing red lipstick now a days. My most used is properly Mac Russian Red And Mac Red which I can use this Mac lip liner for! For day wear I just wear see-sheer as it's not so bold and out there.

Sorry for the extremely heavy post, I really didn't think it'd be this long and heavy pictured. I've seen quite a lot of bloggers do a post like this so thought I'd join in. As you can see I seem to LOVE Mac! However I am trying to try out different products but need recommendations so please leave me some!!

S xx


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  2. great post :) think i need to try the concealer.

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  3. Great post, thanks for the tips! I'll try using makeup more often now :D

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  4. I love these posts, I love seeing what other people like/use! Plus that makeup bag is so cute!

  5. That little bag is deceiving! Looks so small! lol! Love the rimmel liquid liner! One of favs! xo

  6. so glad u done this post too! Thanks for commenting on mine. Some great products you have x

    Shana x

  7. Lots of mac products is always good :) Love your bag too!!


  8. I loveee MAC product<3

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  10. Cute makeup bag and I really want to try the Bobbi Brown concealer!

  11. I'm loving the makeup bag and I think Bobbi Brown has such great makeup.

  12. that was really interesting! I like to use my fingers to apply my foundations for the most part too. Would you like to follow each other? I love your blog.


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