Sunday, 13 January 2013

I'm Building An Empire I'm Building It With All I Know..

Dress - BooHoo
Heels - BooHoo

I recently told you guys I also purchased a midi along with those shoes and this little number is the one! I don't really think midis look right on me as I am only like 5ft2! However this one I actually liked on me. Despite the fact that I ate so much the week after I bought it so I look a little chubby in it I really do like it! I'm one of those people that are exactly what they eat, so if i eat unhealthily TRUST me you'll see it on me with the next few days. Another plus about the dress was that it was an absolute bargain at £12!!
Sadly you can't see the shoes properly but I wore them again this last week so a clearer week will be shot!!
Really think you guys need to check out the sale they have on!
Hope you're all good
S xx


  1. You look beautiful!! The dress is gorgeous too!! Would love to spend but trying not to at the moment!! Although you're tempting me haha xxx

  2. You look fabulous as usual, and I love the print on the dress. You got a really good bargain there! I'm totally with you on the "you are what you eat" thing, that's me too :( Although if you think you look even remotely chubby in this dress you're so wrong, you look great! :)

  3. Love it!!!! gorgeous girly :)

    Corals Closet

    coral x x x

  4. omgossh..i love it! dress looks amazing on you :)

  5. I love midi's, you look great! X

  6. you look great! :)
    following you xx

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  7. You look gorgeous, I wish I could pull off bodycon midi dresses, they look so good!

  8. Love your blog! :)

    - S Xx

  9. You look far from chubby in that dress - it's beautiful.

  10. you look lovely, that dress is gorge
    great blog, looking forward to more posts :)